A Team of Passionate Kitchen Cabinet.

We don’t only make things beautiful.
We make them work great as well.

Our Story

LIFREE has original wood cabinets, wood furniture, home series, stone boards and other products. Mainly exported to the United States, Canada and other regions, and has an independent US company and brand system, a complete and independent self-sales, warehousing system. It has served more than 3,000 Taiwanese families. 

Our Vision

LIFREE boasts advanced production equipment (double side heteromorphic sander, reciprocating saw, matcher etc.) and log furniture production and manufacturing techniques from both home and abroad, while it’s equipped with complete product test facilities (inductive gauge, electrothermal constant-temperature dry box, photometer etc.). Complying with International Standard 6S Enterprise Management Model, the company owns a batch of excellent managers and technical talents, and passed a series of international standard system certifications such as environmental management, quality control, occupational health and safety in 2013.

International Projects